School Health Professional Grant: Intricate Roots Foundations 2

Intricate Roots is offering Foundations 1 & 2 beginning January 2021. Foundations 1 (January 14, 21, 28, and February 4, 2021) and Foundations 2 will provide 16 hours of training that begins by covering the basics of human neurodevelopment to give those who work in the educational setting (physical educators, classroom teachers and behavioral support teams) a foundational lens for understanding the organ they interface with daily. These trainings are a repeat offering for those who could not attend in 2020 or previous years.

Intricate Roots Student Case Presentation and Book Study will be offered in the Spring of 2021. It is highly encouraged to complete Foundations 1 & 2 prior to participating in this course. This 16-hour course is specifically tailored for those wanting to take a deeper dive into neurobiological principles.