UndocuMonologues: Stories from our Undocumented Neighbors

In UndocuMonologues: Stories from our Undocumented Neighbors, Motus Theater’s undocumented monologists invite you into their homes to share autobiographical stories about their dreams, hopes, and fears. Their monologues interrupt the dehumanizing and racist anti-immigrant narratives around our nation and challenge people to acknowledge the danger to us all from the current threats facing the undocumented community, and take action.

Special guest readers will be stepping into the shoes of undocumented monologists. And each monologue is followed by a musical response from the Uruguayan guitar soloist Elisa Garcia.

Autobiographical monologues by Motus UndocuMonologists were written in collaboration with Motus Theater Artistic Director, Kirsten Wilson. Performance presented by Motus Theater – creators of UndocuAmerica, Women of Resolution, Rocks Karma Arrows, and the Shoebox Stories Podcast.