The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model – Online Book Study

Knowledge of the learning sciences can be applied to any content area, including math, reading, and writing. Teachers are in the job of helping brains learn. Understanding how brains learn and how to translate that understanding into teaching practices is necessary for both teacher and student success. In this book study, teachers will read and discuss The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model. Weekly discussions will correlate with each of the ten chapters. Teachers will demonstrate their learning by applying their knowledge to design a concept map illustrating a learning unit in any content area for any PK-16 classroom setting that follows the components of the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model. The learning unit will be prepared in a written format using a pre-made template. Teachers will also summarize the learning unit in a PowerPoint presentation shared with class members through a screencast.

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Date: September 14, 2020 - November 29, 2020
Location: Online
Contact: Terry Jones -
Credit Hours/CEUs Offered: 30 CEU Hours

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