Scholarships for Cultivating Compassion and Dignity in Ourselves and Our Schools Certificate Program

The Crown Institute, with the support of the Hemera Foundation, is offering 20 scholarships to educators to complete the Cultivating Compassion and Dignity in Ourselves and Our Schools certificate and to take part in a course evaluation. This is a fully online four-course sequence designed to support educators in cultivating compassion and working towards safe and inclusive schools that promote justice. This course sequence was developed with a strong connection to the scientific research on compassion; educators will learn directly from the experts in this field. Educators have found it especially valuable in this time to develop practices of caring for oneself and caring for others.

We are seeking PreK-12 educators in Colorado who are interested in learning about compassion and dignity and developing their capacity as compassionate leaders in their schools. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2021.

Who can apply?

  • PreK-12 educators in Colorado
  • ​Preference will be given to educators working in rural schools/districts
  • Preference will be given to educators who apply with a cohort of colleagues from their school or district (3-4 educators per cohort)
  • Individual educators are also encouraged to apply
  • Educators must commit to completing the four-course sequence between June 2021 and July 2022.
  • Educators must also commit to participating in the course evaluation activities. The average/approximate time required will be 5-8 hours per week.


As part of this scholarship opportunity benefits include:

  • Scholarships will be offered for 75% of tuition for the Cultivating Compassion and Dignity in Ourselves and Schools certificate, with a limited number of scholarships for 100% of tuition for educators working in rural school districts and those who demonstrate need.
  • Completion of the Cultivating Compassion and Dignity in Ourselves and Our Schools certificate includes 10 masters level credits, the equivalent of ⅓ of a Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership from CU Boulder’s School of Education.
  • You will learn from and with colleagues and experts about compassion and how to strengthen compassion in your work as an educator and leader in your school.
  • An individual meditation coach will be offered, as a voluntary option. Coaches will be identified in partnership with the Hemera Foundation.

Participation in the course evaluation is required, and is intended to inform future iterations of the certificate.


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