Take Note Colorado

The Take Note Colorado grant program is a responsive, competitive opportunity for individuals and organizations statewide to offer highly inclusive, culturally relevant and student-centered music instruction. Individuals and organizations can apply for up to $10,000 to develop programming that meets Take Note’s goal. Strong applications will:

  • Demonstrate a clear and valid understanding of a population that lacks access to music and the economic, social, racial, geographic or other reasons for this lack of access;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs and perspectives of the students served;
  • Identify a specific challenge and opportunity to advance equity in music education;
  • Propose to fill a specific gap with highly innovative, inclusive and culturally relevant programming that can be shown, in the application, to be responsive to student interest;
  • Demonstrate staff and organizational experience in providing instruments and instruction to diverse communities in impactful ways;
  • Include an evaluation plan to understand whether or not the project succeeded in increasing access (who was impacted by the program and how do you know?);
  • Involve staff and partners who can connect with and relate to students served;
  • Emphasize ongoing, active music making and other experiential approaches to music instruction;
  • Conduct programming impactfully online or by following current public health guidelines for in-person activities.

We also look for proposals that have strong community partnerships, plans for sustainability beyond Take Note funding, and responsible and realistic budgeting. See our Guidelines and FAQs for more information on eligible and ineligible requests.

The TNC grant program is designed to help achieve Take Note’s goal of providing access to musical instruments and/or instruction to all K‑12 students in Colorado. We are looking for individuals and organizations statewide that can offer highly innovative and equitable music instruction to students in Colorado who currently and regularly lack access.


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