Teaching With the Brain in Mind Part 3

Brain-based learning is not new – it’s natural.  Understanding the way your brain takes in information, focuses its attention, creates memories, and works are key in planning, designing, and teaching effectively for all learners.

Participants will explore concepts related to brain integration, application of neuro-considered strategies, and the creation of an environment that naturally enhances student learning.  Specifically, we will “wander in the woods” collaborating, seeking, uncovering, and discovering how to motivate and facilitate learning – naturally.  You will leave with validation, appreciation, and inspiration to continue to keep the brain in mind.

You are invited into the “woods” – the system of the learning brain to create new pathways, strengthen those already established, and perhaps prune some you no longer need.

Attending Brain-Based Learning #1 and #2 is not a prerequisite.

To schedule a workshop, please contact Wellness Training Specialists.

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