Learning and Adapting During 2020-21

At CDE, we have been reflecting on our role to help our state as a whole accelerate our learning about what is working well for our students, families and teachers this year, and where we can learn from each other and improve. As a result, we are providing a resource bank of tools that schools and districts are using to help gather information about how the year is going and strategies for using that feedback to adapt their work. Colleagues from across the state have been gracious enough to share some of the tools they have been using. Sometimes feedback from a different perspective can lead to an easy tweak that makes a big impact for students. We believe deeply in the importance of continuous improvement- of reflection and adaptation- and this year continuous improvement is more important than ever.

We want this resource bank to truly be a resource for schools and districts. We also know many districts are using other tools to support parents, staff, and students, such as surveys, focus groups, COVID-19 trackers, and a variety of data digs to drive instruction. If districts have tools or strategies that they would like to share with their colleagues across the state, please send anything that you’d like to share to Alyssa Pearson (pearson_a@cde.state.co.us) and we will include them in the 2020-21 Toolkit.


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