Using the WSCC Model to Address Youth Tobacco Use, Marijuana Use, and Vaping

Youth use of electronic smoking devices or vaping products, such as JUULs, is rising in Colorado. 46% of all Colorado high school students reported ever using an e-smoking device and 26% report use in the last 30 days (2015 HKCS). Although it is illegal for youth younger than 18 to purchase e-cigarettes or other tobacco products, underage teens are still obtaining and using these products. Additionally, many of these devices can be used to vape marijuana.

Schools can play a critical role in promoting healthy behavior and choices for youth in regard to tobacco and marijuana use. This training will explore how to use the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) framework to address youth vaping and promote prevention and support cessation efforts.

Contact us to schedule training for groups of 10-40 participants for your school or district.

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