Submission Guidelines

Create Organization Profile

The organization profile displays a summary, contact information, and a list of the organization’s published resources on The Hub. A logo or other image that represents the organization’s work should be included with the profile submission. After an organization profile has been submitted and approved, the organization can be selected during the resource submission process. View organization profiles here.

Create a Profile

Prepare Submission

Follow the steps in this section to prepare content that is Hub-ready. These guidelines provide an overview of the resource review criteria used for The Hub’s approval process.

Determine Category

Content on The Hub is presented in the following sections. During the submission process, selection of one of the following categories is required.

    • Events: Scheduled workshops, trainings, webinars, events, conferences, etc.
    • Funding Opportunities: Grants and other partnership opportunities.
    • Resources: Professional development opportunities, curriculum, custom programming, documents, templates, toolkits, guides, videos, tools, reports.

Align with Criteria

The following criteria will be considered when submissions are reviewed for publication on The Hub.

Resource focus is related to at least one of the WSCC component areas

  • Community Involvement
  • Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
  • Employee Wellness
  • Family Engagement
  • Health Education
  • Health Services
  • Nutrition Environment & Services
  • Physical Education & Physical Activity
  • Physical Environment
  • Social and Emotional Climate

Resource is designed or useful for a PK-12 community audience

  • Community partners
  • Educators
  • School staff
  • Students
  • Parents

Resource provides information that is current and relevant

  • Include publication/revision date(s)
  • Indicate alignment with Colorado Department of Education standards as applicable

Designate Context of Resource

  • Evidence-based: Derived from or informed by objective evidence which could include educational research or indicators of school, teacher, and/or student performance.
  • Practice-informed: Developed in response to existing conditions and practices within an educational environment.
  • Educator-developed: Material is created by teachers, school, or district staff.
  • Promising Practice: Innovative approaches validated by anecdotal evidence.

Identify Quality Indicators

Consider the following questions and provide specific quality indicators with your submission.

  • Could this content contribute to strengthening health and wellness in schools?
  • Is the content focused on one or more of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model component areas?
  • Could this content contribute to strengthening health and wellness in schools?
  • Could this content benefit students, staff, parents, or community?
  • Does this content have the potential to advance health equity?
  • Is there a conflict of interest? The Hub reserves the right to decline submissions funded by for-profit entities that operate in conflict with efforts related to the health and success of students in Colorado.

Compose Description

The description text will appear on The Hub, in addition to a link to the resource and the organization profile. (Maximum 300 words)

The description should provide a high-level overview that succinctly describes the submission and identifies the target audience. Indicate the benefits the submission provides, and consider including how the submission supports these goals:

  • All Colorado youth are healthy and reach their full potential
  • All Colorado PK-12 public schools provide an environment and culture that integrates health and wellness equitably for all students and staff.

Double-check the description for grammatical errors and readability.

Define Content Lifecycle

Indicate if content or links within resource are time-sensitive or have anticipated revision dates, and specify if content replaces an existing resource on The Hub. For example, if an organization adds or revises content to a resource that has previously been published on The Hub, select the check box on the submittal form that designates the submission as a replacement.

Select Tags for the Submission

The Hub uses tags to index content and deliver search results. Consider which tags from this list align with your content subject matter and audience. Tags are designated during the submission process and additional tags may be suggested on the submission form.

Submit Content to The Hub

1.      Create an organization profile if one does not already exist.

2.      Visit the content submission page and click the appropriate category link to begin the submission process.

3.      Complete submission form and click the Submit button.

Submit Content


An email confirmation that contains the submission content will be issued when the submission process is complete. Contact if a confirmation message is not delivered.

The submission will be reviewed by The Hub manager and/or members of the Resource Review Panel.

When a submission is approved and published, an email notification will be issued. In the event a submission is not approved, The Hub manager will provide information about why the submission was rejected. The Hub reserves the right to reject any submission deemed unsuitable by the Resource Review Panel or The Hub manager. Full terms and conditions

Submission Management

When a submission arrives, The Hub manager will conduct a review to confirm:

  • Submission guidelines have been followed
  • All fields in submission form have been completed
  • Submission does not contain spelling or grammar errors
  • Presentation of information is concise and easy to follow
  • Visual design is not confusing
  • Appropriate tags have been designated
  • Links open correctly
  • Contact/organization information is included

Approval Timeline

Within ten days of receipt, The Hub manager will:

  • Confirm that all criteria have been met and send notification for review to at least two members of the Resource Review Panel (RRP)who have expertise in the submission’s topic;
  • Contact the submitting organization if criteria are not met and additional attention to the submission is necessary for publication.

Within 14 days of receipt, RRP members will review the submission and submit approval for publication or  reason(s) for decline via an online form. The time window for RRP review may be extended if subject matter experts are unavailable due to schedule conflicts.