Create an Organization Profile

User and organization profiles function independently of each other. You can have both a user profile and an organization profile.


Organization Profiles

  • Organization profiles are for companies, agencies, etc. to post information about their work and how to reach them.
  • Organization profiles are displayed on a single web page with an image or logo, description text, a link to the organization’s website, and a list of the content the organization has published on The Hub.
  • Organization resources appear in The Hub’s content index. Organization resources can be shared to groups.
  • Hub log-in is not required to submit organization resources, but you will need to have an organization profile created to complete the submission process.
  • Hub users do not have access to edit organization profiles; these changes need to be sent to Hub Manager Susan Paulsen.

User Profiles

  • User profiles are linked to the individuals who use The Hub. When a person creates their user profile, they provide demographic information, a bio, a profile photo, and their areas of interest. A user profile is required to access some of the features on The Hub.
  • Once a profile is created, the user sees a personalized dashboard when they log into The Hub.
  • Users can add personal resources to their profiles, and these resources can be shared to groups. These resources are not listed in the index of organization resources, but do appear in search results.
  • Hub log-in is required to upload personal resources – the resource upload link is on the user dashboard.
  • Hub users can edit their individual profiles when signed into The Hub.


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