Soroco Schools Get $2.9M to Expand Broadband Access for Students, Nearly 1,200 Homes in South Routt

For ninth-grade student Larhae Whaley, online classes are tough, mainly because she has trouble getting online.

“Our WiFi does not work great, and it’s kind of sketchy. It has its own mood of when it decides it should work,” said Whaley, who attends South Routt High School. “During school last year, if me and my sisters had a meeting on Zoom or something like that, only one of us could be on the internet at a time.”

The pandemic has highlighted the need for access to quality broadband for many purposes, especially for schools. State legislators passed a bill in December to allocate $20 million in grants to expand access for students, and the South Routt School District was able to get a piece of that.