ASSET Education

Students are experiencing unprecedented levels of school-related stress and anxiety. In fact, the National Education Association labels the current rate of anxiety among adolescents as an “epidemic.”

As an antidote to this epidemic, ASSET Education equips teachers with a curriculum of concrete tools to help their students reduce stress and build resilience. We envision school systems where all students flourish–where their abilities are not compromised by debilitating, school-related anxiety.

To expose students to a variety of tools, ASSET is comprised of three modules: Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Positive Self-Talk. This design ensures that all students walk away with at least one new stress-reducing tool they like by the end of the academic year. We also worked with some of the best educators we know to turn our research-backed stress management tools into bite-sized social & emotional learning lessons that cater to teachers and the constraints of classroom life.

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