Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition

“Our vision is an empowered community that promotes the health and well-being of all youth in Douglas County.”

“We put the health and well-being of Douglas County youth first, through advocacy, education, and community partnerships.”

GOALS (overarching)
Inherent to the Coalition’s purpose, vision and mission, are the following goals:

  1. Sustain and build capacity in the community and among stakeholders to implement a shared risk and protective factors approach as a collaborative prevention system in Douglas County. Decrease youth use of substances including alcohol, marijuana, electronic vapor products, and prescription drugs by implementing evidence-based prevention strategies in the community setting.
  2. Advance Whole School, Community, Child (WSCC) approach, as well as other prevention programs/initiatives in the community that advance the health and well-being of our youth.
  3. Advancement of Restorative Practice principles across the Douglas County community

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