Recovery Summer Coalition

Recovery Summer Coalition logoThe Recovery Summer Coalition  is composed of Colorado organizations that work on behalf of children and through direct programming or focused actions and advocacy. Led by the Colorado Education Initiative and Early Milestones Colorado, the coalition was formed in February 2021 to develop channels of support for a summer response to the short- and long-term impacts to student learning and social and emotional needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

News Release: 2021 Recovery Summer Grants Awarded

The group’s focus and expertise intentionally ranges from early childhood through high school, with emphasis on a whole-picture approach and creating conditions for collaboration. The majority of participants around the table are practitioners and community providers – individuals who are in child care centers, schools, and districts day in and day out, witnessing firsthand what children and families need most.

Members of the coalition are prepared to work hand in hand with state government agencies and local municipalities to discuss  community-driven recommendations and how the potential influx of federal funds can be leveraged for an equity-focused Recovery Summer. Data and experience from the daily interactions of educators in child care centers, and schools, and statewide organizations have raised urgent needs including recovery in PreK-5 and high school with embedded support for social emotional development.


New Reports: 2021 Recovery Summer Report and Recommendations

2021 Recovery Summer Report

2021 Recovery Summer Report Appendix – Fostering Open Systems Recommendations


2020 COVID Impact Reports

Colorado School District Needs Inventory: April 2020

Colorado School District Needs Inventory: December 2020

Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on Colorado’s Early Care and Learning Sector


Overarching Priorities

Center equity and provide supports for the whole child

Acknowledge and address the whole child

Supports for Families

Foster partnerships with families

Invest directly in families

Easy parent navigation

Strategies to Leverage Systems and Structures

Wrap Around Supports: Expand child care, summer school, tutoring, out of school time and after school programs so that children have safe places to build their knowledge, strengthen relationships, and address any learning losses that may have occurred.

Leverage our Existing Community Assets: Encourage allocation of state and local resources to support students’ social, emotional, and academic needs.

Foster Success Through and After High School: Identify and advance opportunities for course recovery. Support students to earn course credit and income for internships and summer learning opportunities.