Back to School Planning: School Nutrition Guidance

View the back-to-school planning webpage for school nutrition guidance and resources related to the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year. Find guidance on applicable school food service waivers, program operations and more.


Reopening Schools Planning Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance for these content areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Continuity of Learning
  • Conditions for Learning
  • Planning and Communication
  • Policy and Funding

More detailed gui...

About The Hub


As public education evolves during uncertain times, The Hub is expanding to broaden our repository of resources and expand opportunities for information-sharing, collaboration, and learning. This overview outlines what you will find ...

Reopening Schools: Health Guidance by COVID-19 Phase

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Colorado Department of Education and the Governor’s Office worked together to develop this guidance for Local Public Health agencies (LPHAs) and districts as they develop school plans.

Buffering Stress During Difficult Times

Join Finessa Ferrell, Social Emotional Learning Specialist at CEI, in this 12-minute video that explores the six areas we have to tackle to help students and adults buffer stress: Balance, Breathing, Belonging, Boredom, [getting]Better and Blessin...

The Challenges of Reopening

Looking toward fall, how should schools rebound and innovate, while keeping health, wellness, and equity at the center? How can education reinvent, not just reopen? The Harvard Graduate School of Education explores this topic In a new series of ar...

Guidance on Culturally Responsive School Reopenings

The country is on the brink of beginning again. And as we restart our national engines, let’s do
so with a steady and cautious hand, not taking for granted the sobering lessons that COVID-19 is
teaching us: that in a nation as fundamen...

COVID-19 Stress, Distress & Trauma Series

This 14-part video series addresses a range of topics related to how the brain and responds to stress, and resulting behaviors and responses. Each video is close-captioned with an auto-translate option.

Strategic Reopening Collaborative Toolkit

We know many educators, students, and their families are experiencing stress and anxiety—for some quite severe. From a learning perspective, this stress forces the brain to operate in a state of near constant engagement, negatively affecting the b...

Trauma-Responsive Schools Theory of Change Toolkit

The Trauma-Responsive Schools Theory of Change Toolkit is now complete and available for download, free of charge. This toolkit offers an action plan for implementing trauma-responsive practices to help address each school’s unique priorities usin...

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