Sources of Strength-Resources for Practicing Strength at Home

Sources of Strength is a public health program that focuses on promoting mental health and building protective factors that increase connection, coping, resiliency, and wellness. This in turn prevents suicide, violence, bullying, substance abuse, and so much more. Neuroscience and Positive Psychology show that we can change our brains, becoming… Read More

Centennial Mental Health Community Newsletter

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Gratitude. In this newsletter, you will find information on the importance of showing gratitude and helpful ways to incorporate it into your everyday life. You will also find phone numbers for Centennial Mental Health Centers around Colorado. Read More

Operating Schools during COVID-19: CDC’s Recommendations

As communities in the United States consider how to safely re-open K-12 school buildings and in-person services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers updated considerations for mitigation strategies that K-12 school administrators can use to help protect students, teachers, and staff and slow the spread of COVID-19.  These… Read More

Safe Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools are facing many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find guidelines and helpful suggestions about safe school operation in this article from Read More

Cooking Matters at Home Toolkit

As families navigate the Coronavirus crisis, planning and preparing meals can be an incredible challenge in an already stressful time. Cooking Matters at Home offers ideas for how families can use what foods are available to create quick, family-friendly, low-cost meals. Read More

Coronavirus Isolated LGBTQ Students from Community-Now They’re Going Back to School

The pandemic has isolated everyone, including the LGBTQ community. This is a good article with resource links at the end. Read More

Tobacco-Free Schools: Effective Partnerships & Policy

Take the first steps toward working with schools and districts to create and maintain a tobacco- and nicotine-free environment. In this training, participants will build foundational knowledge by learning about the laws and policies that govern and prohibit tobacco and nicotine use in Colorado schools and communities. Put your new… Read More

Effective Teams

Building a high-performing team is a skills-based process that can be learned and practiced. This training will highlight how high-performing teams create a climate of trust and develop shared responsibility to achieve collective results. Participants will learn about five common problems that can undermine how a team functions, and how… Read More

Maximize Your Meetings

Design and lead meetings that are productive and generate progress. Participants will learn how to begin and close meetings, maximize meeting time, manage conflicts, identify and accomplish meeting tasks, and reach their goals. Read More

Practice, Practice, Practice: The Road to Students Mastering Health Skills

Practice makes perfect. When it comes to skills-based health education, practice is the hinge that connects instruction and mastery. Providing real-life, engaging practice opportunities in the health education classroom is vital to ensuring that students develop their health literacy. In this training, participants will first have the opportunity to evaluate… Read More

December Meeting Presentations – Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative (CHSC)

This PDF includes presentation slides from the December 9, 2020 Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative Meeting, including CDE’s COVID-19 Updates. Read More

Making Students Feel Safe

This video, produced by Edutopia, showcases how one school has used a trauma-informed approach to help students feel safe. Edutopia is a trusted source shining a spotlight on what works in education, by showing people how they can adopt or adapt best practices, and telling stories… Read More

Food Justice is Racial Justice

How can we shift power in our communities to create a more just food system? What community capital and resources can help us create systemic change in the ways we grow, prepare and eat food? National Farm to School Network hosted a virtual Movement Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020,… Read More

Using the WSCC Model to Integrate SEL in Schools

This resource introduces schools to social and emotional learning (SEL), including the benefits of SEL for students, teachers, and parents, as well as SEL tools for managing transition, stress, and trauma. This 10-page publication also illustrates how your school can use strategies from the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child… Read More

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Promotional Video

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) and Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source (Smart Source), are Colorado’s widely-administered surveys on the health and well-being of young people and school health policies and practices that support youth health. Data from HKCS and Smart Source are complementary and can be used together to provide… Read More

Dolores, Colorado Resource List

This directory of Dolores, Colorado resources provides information related to: Interpersonal violence programs Food assistance programs Housing and utility assistance programs Transportation programs If you don’t see a resource that is right for you or would like to talk about additional needs that you may have, please contact Western Colorado… Read More

Montezuma County Resources

This directory of Montezuma County, Colorado resources provides information related to: Interpersonal violence programs Food assistance programs Housing and utility assistance programs Transportation programs If you don’t see a resource that is right for you or would like to talk about additional needs that you may have, please contact Western… Read More

Montezuma Inspire Coalition

Our vision is for youth of all ages and backgrounds in Montezuma County to respect, care for, and enjoy themselves, their communities, and the natural world. By encouraging them to share these values with their families, friends, and across generations, we seek to build an inclusive, strong, healthy, and resilient… Read More

Inside Out LGBTQIA Youth Resources

Resources for youth that identify as LGBTQIA. Read More

Uniting for Young People’s Success

School-based health care is a powerful investment in the health and academic potential of children and adolescents. This model delivers convenient, accessible, and wide-ranging primary and mental health care services to students where they already spend most of their time: in school. At the heart of the model is the… Read More

Student Health Advisory Council Mural T-Shirt Campaign

One of our previous SHAC youth, now a freshman at CSU, and the artist of the mural mentioned below, developed this video and t-shirt campaign. The t-shirt campaign was 21 days in October 2020 and sold over 70 shirts and raised over $600! Follow us on Instagram @d6shac for mural… Read More

Assessing Readiness & Building Resilience in the Clinical Workforce: A Foundation for ACE Screening Integration

This webinar provides strategies, promising practices, and resources to support health care providers and clinical leadership as they assess their own organizational readiness and build workforce resilience to successfully integrate Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) screening into clinical practice. Read More

Coronavirus: Mental Health and Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health and Wellness during COVID-19… Read More

Meeting Recording – September Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative

This recording include the final hour of the September 16, 2020 meeting. The content presented includes: CDE’s COVID-19 Updates New resources from The Hub Updates on the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and Smart Source… Read More

September Meeting Presentations – Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative (CHSC)

This PDF includes all presentation slides from the September 16, 2020 Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative Meeting, including: Session Overview Slides Do Something Extraordinary Keynote Session CDE’s COVID-19 Updates Overviews from The Hub and HKCS/Smart Source… Read More

Back to School Toolkit

Hand-picked resources from our school health experts to help families start the school year feeling confident and connected. Read More

Engaging Father Figures in School Health Initiatives

Strategies from schools and experts identify how to include father figures in family engagement efforts. Read More

Tips for Engaging Families in Health

Use these evidence-based strategies for engaging families in healthy behaviors, both at home and at school. Read More

Student Vision Board

Encourage students to creatively fill out and share their vision boards at home and school to help the adults in their lives learn more about them. Read More

5 Ways to Foster Social-Emotional Skills

Try these simple ways to develop social-emotional skills in your children and teens. Read More

Colorado Healthy Schools Collaborative September Agenda

Agenda for September CHSC Meeting. Learn more about the meeting here. Read More

Delta County School District: Caring, Challenging, Learning…Every Student, Every Day!

Delta County School District is located in the Gunnison River Valley in west central Colorado and serves 5,000 students across five diverse communities. Delta County School District believes it is their role to model and actively promote healthy choices, physical activity, and balanced nutrition. Read this success story to learn… Read More

Weld RE-1 School District: Row as One to a Healthy Horizon

Weld RE-1 is a rural school district in Northern Colorado and serves nearly 2,000 students across the towns of Gilcrest, LaSalle, and Platteville. Although students and staff are separated by many miles, the district has successfully implemented a comprehensive program to support the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of… Read More

Cross-Sector Collaboration to Address Substance Use in Jeffco Public Schools

By leveraging multiple funding sources, Jeffco Public Schools, RMC Health, and Jeffco Public Health collaborated to create a district-wide system of support for school-based nurses responsible for substance use prevention in Jeffco high schools. As a result, 100% of nurses in Jeffco high schools implemented evidence-based practices and provided prevention… Read More

School Health Programs and Best Practices – AFHK Archived Webinars

View archived webinars from Action for Healthy Kids on school health best practices and family engagement: Mobile Meals and More: School Re-Opening and Planning for School Nutrition (July 2020) The Power of Parents: Health at Home (May 2020) Caring for the Education Community: How Schools Can Partner with Families during… Read More

Whole Child Health – AFHK Archived Webinars

View archived webinars from Action for Healthy Kids on Whole Child Health topics: Mobile Meals and More: School Re-Opening and Planning for School Nutrition (July 2020) The Power of Parents: Health at Home (May 2020) Your Child’s Brain: What’s Going On in There? El Cerebro de su hijo: ¿Qué está… Read More

Introduction to Skills-Based Health Education: Daily Lesson Planning, Mastery, and Assessment

Maintain healthy behaviors, change unhealthy behaviors, and delay the onset of risky behaviors for all students. Research shows that to reach these goals, health teachers need to specifically teach health skills. Teachers will first have an opportunity to explore the new Colorado Health Standards (effective 2020) and the National Health… Read More

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model

The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model is the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s (ASCD) Whole Child approach, but takes a more specific health and wellbeing focus. The WSCC Model highlights the School Health Components which every school should have to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing… Read More

SHAPE America- Reentry Resource Toolkits

Thanks to Clay Ellis, SHAPE AMERICA Central Region Leadership team member, for sharing these resources with the community! You can find a guide for PE/Health, a Teaching Strategy Workbook, and an At Home Survey for students. Read More

Substance Use Issue Brief

Substance use refers to the consumption of alcohol or other drugs such as nicotine, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Students who use substances may either misuse and/or abuse them. In this Issue Brief, an overview of what substance use is and its effects, signs that a student may be involved in… Read More

School Climate Issue Brief

School Climate is a comprehensive term that refers to the quality of school life for everyone in the school community. School climate encompasses the social, physical, and academic aspects of a school. In this Issue Brief, an overview of what school climate is as well as the benefits of a… Read More

Video and Tip Sheet-Talking to Youth About Vaping

This video identifies steps to engage in conversation with youth about the dangers related to vaping. There are also many additional great resources on that can assist schools and families while negotiating conversations around tobacco and vaping. Read More

SHAPE America’s 2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Physical Activity

SHAPE America’s 2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Physical Activity provides schools with recommendations and school reentry considerations based on the guidance for schools provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as national recommendations for physical education, health education, recess, and… Read More

Action for Healthy Kids: Game On Activity Library

The website, Action for Healthy Kids, has put together many resources for families to be active at home. This link will take you to the Action for Healthy Kids website where these resources are available. Read More

Ideas 4 School Health Website – Informational Flyer

This flyer provides a short summary of information about the contents and highlights of the IDEAS for Health Website. Read More

Carlos’ Colorful Salsa (2nd Grade Nutrition Education Lesson)

This hands-on nutrition education lesson encourages students to eat a variety of vegetables every day. Students learn about farming, plants, and the cultural aspects of the Espanola Valley, and they make and eat a colorful salsa together with their classmates and teacher. Read More

Messaging for Multilingual Families-Health Education

When it came to notifying our parents and guardians that schools were about to begin Comprehensive Health units, we ran into logistical issues with distribution of letters and connections with home. We were finding that our translated letters did not always make it into the hands of parents, and in… Read More

Moving More at Home

Help families move more with our free tools, resources, games, activities, and more designed to make physical activity easy and fun for all!… Read More

Family Activity Planning Guide

When families are physically active together, they can have fun while encouraging healthy choices. Hang this chart on a wall or refrigerator and track your family activity goals each month!… Read More

All Weather Family Activities

Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day! Both youth and adults can spread out their physical activity by engaging in short bouts of movement throughout the day. To help you get started, here are some simple, inexpensive, all-weather activities that the whole family can enjoy together!… Read More

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