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Planning for the Next Normal at School

To assist schools in proactively addressing the health needs of the school community, a number of nationally recognized and trusted school health organizations have come together to develop a playbook for when learning starts again — “Planning for the Next Normal at School: Keeping students, staff, and families safe and… Read More

Case Study: Adams 12 Five Star Schools Learning Pods

In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, learning pods are a no-cost, in-person option for students. Learning pod activities are conducted during the standard school day time frame for students who need access to internet connectivity and/or students who need a safe and productive place to engage in remote learning. Substitute… Read More

Back to School Planning: School Nutrition Guidance

View the back-to-school planning webpage for school nutrition guidance and resources related to the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year. Find guidance on applicable school food service waivers, program operations and more. Submit specific questions related to back-to-school operations through the back-to-school question form and reference the back-to-school… Read More

Reopening Schools Planning Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance for these content areas: Health and Safety Continuity of Learning Conditions for Learning Planning and Communication Policy and Funding More detailed guidance will be added over time; as the situation evolves, we will continue to gather feedback, add resources, and expand on these considerations to help… Read More

Reopening Schools: Health Guidance by COVID-19 Phase

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Colorado Department of Education and the Governor’s Office worked together to develop this guidance for Local Public Health agencies (LPHAs) and districts as they develop school plans. The guidance has been drafted in light of evolving scientific knowledge about the spread of… Read More

The Challenges of Reopening

Looking toward fall, how should schools rebound and innovate, while keeping health, wellness, and equity at the center? How can education reinvent, not just reopen? The Harvard Graduate School of Education explores this topic In a new series of articles and other content. Topics include: Confronting the Challenges of Restarting… Read More

Guidance on Culturally Responsive School Reopenings

The country is on the brink of beginning again. And as we restart our national engines, let’s do so with a steady and cautious hand, not taking for granted the sobering lessons that COVID-19 is teaching us: that in a nation as fundamentally carved out of its differences… Read More

COVID-19 Stress, Distress & Trauma Series

This 14-part video series addresses a range of topics related to how the brain and responds to stress, and resulting behaviors and responses. Each video is close-captioned with an auto-translate option. Read More

Strategic Reopening Collaborative Toolkit

We know many educators, students, and their families are experiencing stress and anxiety—for some quite severe. From a learning perspective, this stress forces the brain to operate in a state of near constant engagement, negatively affecting the brain’s ability to manage stress, and diminishing its capacity to be creative, learn… Read More

SHAPE America- Reentry Resource Toolkits

Thanks to Clay Ellis, SHAPE AMERICA Central Region Leadership team member, for sharing these resources with the community! You can find a guide for PE/Health, a Teaching Strategy Workbook, and an At Home Survey for students. Read More

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