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Dolores, Colorado Resource List

This directory of Dolores, Colorado resources provides information related to: Interpersonal violence programs Food assistance programs Housing and utility assistance programs Transportation programs If you don’t see a resource that is right for you or would like to talk about additional needs that you may have, please contact Western Colorado… Read More

Cross-Sector Collaboration to Address Substance Use in Jeffco Public Schools

By leveraging multiple funding sources, Jeffco Public Schools, RMC Health, and Jeffco Public Health collaborated to create a district-wide system of support for school-based nurses responsible for substance use prevention in Jeffco high schools. As a result, 100% of nurses in Jeffco high schools implemented evidence-based practices and provided prevention… Read More

Video and Tip Sheet-Talking to Youth About Vaping

This video identifies steps to engage in conversation with youth about the dangers related to vaping. There are also many additional great resources on tobaccofreeco.org that can assist schools and families while negotiating conversations around tobacco and vaping. Read More

Public Health in the Rockies: August 26-28, 2020

This conference is a gathering of individuals associated with public health from Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states. Conference attendees will consist of a wide variety of participants from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as the medical, academic and community settings. The theme of the 2020 Public Health… Read More

CAPS: Connecting, Asking, Participating, and Speaking Up

CAPS (Connecting, Asking, Participating, and Speaking Up) is a student-created initiative that includes brief activities and lessons focusing on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD). In 2013, Jeffco Public Schools high school students were asked what information pertaining to health they wanted to know more about. The students overwhelmingly selected these… Read More

School-based Health Services: WSCC Menu of Evidence-based Practices

This menu provides a user-friendly overview of evidence-based practices for the Health Services component of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model. Read More

Health Education: WSCC Menu of Evidence-based Practices

This menu provides a user-friendly overview of evidence-based practices for the Health Education component of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model. Read More

Mental Health First Aid Colorado Description

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an evidence-based training program to help identify mental health and substance abuse problems, connect individuals to care, and safely de-escalate crisis situations. Visit our website to find a class that can help build knowledge and skills about mental and behavioral health needs. Read More

Communication Tips: Get the Word Out About Your Tobacco-free Schools Policy

A carefully considered tobacco-free schools policy is the foundation of a comprehensive approach to tobacco prevention in schools. Policy is the mechanism that allows consistent standards and enforcement procedures to be passed from one school administrator to the next. People and programs may come and go, but a policy lasts and… Read More

Trauma-Informed Approaches in Schools: Keys to Successful Implementation in Colorado

The purpose of this document is to provide an aligned message to schools and districts on trauma, its’ prevalence in youth, and how schools can utilize trauma-informed approaches to change outcomes for students. This document will provide a common language and common understanding to help schools begin the investigation and… Read More

Tobacco-free Schools Policy Checklist

The Tobacco-free Schools Policy Checklist Toolkit provides Colorado schools with tools and strategies for developing and implementing comprehensive policies and guidance as they review, revise, implement, and enforce tobacco-free school policies in their districts. Read More

Strategies for Enforcement: Practical Tips for Enforcing Your Tobacco-free Schools Policy

A written district policy is only effective if it is communicated and enforced. The following document provides a range of options for schools and districts to consider as they decide the best way to enforce tobacco policy in the context of their own schools and communities. Read More

Out-of-School Suspension: Consequences and Alternatives

In recent years, school suspension has become a common disciplinary practice in U.S. schools. Each day that school is in session, 18,000 public school students are suspended from school, and 560 students are expelled. The widespread use of suspensions is creating concerns about the number of students that are excluded from school for discipline… Read More

Children’s Hospital Colorado – Health and safety information for families and schools

This website from Children’s Hospital Colorado provides content and resources for youth and child health, safety, and well-being on a wide range of topics that you can share with parents, caregivers, and families in your school community. The site features tips and advice for families, as well as the ability… Read More

Essential Components of Effective Tobacco Prevention for Schools

To be effective in preventing youth tobacco use, school districts and schools need to look beyond classroom instruction and toward developing a more comprehensive approach. This document outlines five essential components for effective school tobacco use prevention, along with examples and suggested staff development for each component. To ensure successful implementation,… Read More

Developing Comprehensive Tobacco-free Schools Policy: Policy Language Examples

This resource includes policy language examples from school districts across Colorado. The examples address the required components of the Colorado Tobacco-free Schools Law and the Teen Tobacco Use Prevention Act. Read More

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