Comprehensive Sexual Health Letter Template

In APS, we have designed a form letter which goes out to our families and guardians whenever sexual health lessons are being conducted. This letters has gone through several iterations, and we have used feedback from families, schools and teachers to tweak it so it is just right for users and readers.

One problem we encountered was cost to schools for printing, which we have been able to minimize or eliminate with digital distribution. When schools had to change dates of lessons that created another expense, as letters were reformatted and printed again. Additionally, teachers felt that previous versions and the ordering of those versions in different languages were cumbersome, and hard to manipulate.

Our current version, piloted with success in 2020, allows us to use a pdf with just a few simple manipulative fields for teachers to enter their information and then attach to school letterhead for distribution through digital forms of communication in harmony with our phone message for K-12 families. We have a letter for each grade span, for our exceptional student populations, for our ELL classrooms. Each letter is available in 20 languages for families.

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