SHAPE America Guide to re-opening schools

SHAPE America’s 2020-2021 School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education, and Physical Activity provides schools with recommendations and school reentry considerations based on the guidance for schools provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as national recommendations for physical education, health education, recess, and classroom-based physical activity.

These school reentry considerations are intended to guide administrators, staff, and teachers as they prepare an environment for safe and supportive instruction using one of three models of learning:

  • In-school instruction with physical distancing
  • Distance learning
  • Hybrid learning (defined as a combination of in-school instruction with physical distancing and distance learning)

Regardless of which model is followed, schools must offer physical education and health education as part of a well-rounded education for all students during COVID-19.


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