Staff Checklist Challenge

Together, with my school’s Wellness team, I created this Checklist Challenge. Simply, we came up with a list of 10 exercises and healthy habits that everyone can do, (or be modified, if need be). The aim is to complete everything on the list, at least once, then to go back through the list and perform any exercise or healthy habit for as many check marks as possible. This was done over a one month period. The checklist is individual, however, you work in teams and the total score is what counts. Within the Wellness team, what we noticed is that more people would get involved, try harder and perform better if they were a part of a team. So, every Wellness team leader was in charge of recruiting, motivating and keeping track of team members’ check marks.

Make up a checklist of your own, add any exercise or healthy habit you feel best and tally up the marks with whatever system works for you and your staff. The point is, get your entire staff involved in a fun challenge that will benefit their health and fitness, while also team building.


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