Student Health Advisory Council Mural T-Shirt Campaign

One of our previous SHAC youth, now a freshman at CSU, and the artist of the mural mentioned below, developed this video and t-shirt campaign. The t-shirt campaign was 21 days in October 2020 and sold over 70 shirts and raised over $600! Follow us on Instagram @d6shac for mural progress

“The District 6 Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is composed of high schoolers who are focused on health issues in the community. They work in collaboration with high school students and adults to address and advocate mental health issues. SHAC is partnered with Sources of Strength.
Currently, SHAC is painting a mural to raise awareness for mental health and to bring beauty the local community. This T-shirt campaign incorporates the design of the mural. This mural, Wings of Strength, incorporates the sources of strength that lift us up. The profits will be donated to SHAC to help them finish this mural and work on more murals in the future.”

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