Students as Change Agents: The Use of Student Perception Survey and Climate Data Facilitation Guide

Schools and districts throughout the country are beginning to use student perception surveys (SPSs) to gather data about how students are experiencing their schools, classrooms, and teachers. Dolores School District in Dolores, Colo., has taken the SPS to the next level by engaging their youth and using these data with students to explore their school culture and create student-driven plans to improve it.  “I think it’s important for students to look at this data because if just the teachers and staff see it, then they can’t really help us, but if students see it, we can change it.” – Claire, 14 years old

This guide is a resource for other school districts interested in facilitating a similar process.

All of the materials used by the Dolores School District are provided, including meeting agendas and student worksheets.

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