Tools for Engaging Nontraditional Voices

Nontraditional voices bring an important perspective to the policymaking table. Their experience is often needed to successfully identify and implement solutions to complex problems. Without this perspective, even well-meaning policies often do not have their intended effect because they fail to take into account the lived experience of the members of the community they are trying to affect.

However, the engagement of nontraditional voices can be challenging to navigate. This toolkit is designed to help groups involved in leadership and governance embrace the perspectives of nontraditional voices. The guide is designed to be succinct and practical, with overviews, discussion guides and checklists, including sample recruitment flyers, reimbursement forms, and other materials. The tools and other resources in this workbook will improve your organization’s ability to establish a culture of inclusion, as well as policies and practices that respond to the unique needs of your community.


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