Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness: Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide

This guide provides a complete set of evidence-based teaching lessons and resources to increase the understanding of mental health and mental disorders, decrease the stigma of mental illness and enhance help-seeking efficacy among both students and teachers.

This guide is the only evidence-based mental health curriculum resource that has been demonstrated to improve both teachers’ and students’ mental health literacy
through usual teacher education and application in the classroom in a variety of program evaluations and research studies in Canada and elsewhere.

The curriculum guide and resources can be found at teenmentalhealth.org/curriculum. On the right-hand side click “Guide Download”. The password to access the online teaching module resources is included on the first page of the curriculum guide. You can access these modules by clicking “Access the Modules” on the right-hand side of the web page referenced above.

Contact: Anna Joseph – anna.joseph@ucdenver.edu
Website: http://teenmentalhealth.org/curriculum/

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