Coordinator Learning Community

Submitted By: Michelle Lackore | RMC Health

On May 12, 2020, Healthy Schools Wellness Coordinators from across the state gathered – on camera and by phone – for the final Coordinator Learning Community (CLC) of the 2019-20 school year.

Over the past two years, RMC Health convened the virtual CLC for Healthy Schools wellness coordinators, community partners, and Technical Assistance (TA) providers to have connection, reduce isolation, hear new and innovative ideas, and keep the momentum of healthy schools moving forward.

A total of 120 people participated in the 10 CLCs over the two years. Topics over the years included: staff wellness (structures, fuding, initiatives and engagement), engaging with community partners, addressing vaping through the WSCC model, success and challenges of a District Health Advisory Committee (DHAC), engaging parents and families to support school health, health education standards, bullying prevention and intervention, nutrition (smart snacks and non-food rewards) and most recently, a wellness response to COVID-19. Presenters for each session ranged from the Colorado Department of Education, to Action for Healthy Kids, to the Alliance for Healthier Generation, and best of all from the wellness coordinators themselves. During the last CLC in May 2020, not only were health and wellness coordinators eager to share and learn from their peers on responding to the pandemic, they were also much more comfortable in the virtual environment after engaging with each other for over two years. The largest group to date participated in the final CLC session - 46 participants - over half which are shown in the picture. Although it can be hard to connect and engage virtually with people on an ongoing basis, evaluations showed it was always beneficial. As one coordinator shared in response to the May 12th CLC: “each district is going through this together and we can learn and grow from this today. It’s comforting to know we are not alone.” Thank you to all who presented, participated, and learned as a community over the last two years!

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