School Nutrition Professionals are Heroes

School nutrition professionals (SNPs) are heroes. Now, I’m obviously not talking about heroes that fly or turn invisible. I’m talking about the heroes that nourish our communities’ children, ensuring that thousands of meals are safely distributed every day and that a little body doesn’t go hungry. The heroes that act in crisis without hesitation, simply because it’s what needs to happen to ensure that children have healthy bodies and minds. SNPs have been a backbone of the COVID-19 response.

With district closures, school nutrition departments have responded quickly with innovative ways to feed communities. For Greeley-Evans School District, this has meant Nutrition Services shifting from making 80% of entrees from scratch to packing hundreds of meal sacks each day to distribute via a drive-up model or bus route. Since March 23rd, dozens of our SNPs continue to help serve 20,000 meals/week. Our team, and so many other SNPs nationwide, have, truly, been emergency responders – heroes.

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