Thankfulness Scavenger Hunt

The incredible Student Wellness Team Leaders and 2nd and 3rd grade Teachers at Harold S. Winograd K-8 School, Tala Cabot and Kelsey Odom, decided to focus on social and emotional health for this year’s School Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). As part of it, they developed a Thankfulness Scavenger Hunt in English and Spanish. This campaign even spread to another building and was used as a staff challenge over Thanksgiving break. Below is a reflection from Ms. Odom:

“Since we are a K-8 school, I broke the school into four categories in order to better keep track of distribution, participation and prizes. The categories were primary (Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade), intermediate (3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade), middle school (6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade) and staff. Each category received the same Thankfulness Scavenger Hunt, but they were printed on different colors (pink, orange, yellow and green). Prizes (jump ropes and mini beachballs) were given away during our virtual November school-wide assembly, and all prizes were mailed to the winners. A staff winner was also drawn and that person received a water bottle!

  • Primary Participation:
    61 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Returned
    170 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Distributed
    36% Participation
  • Intermediate Participation:
    63 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Returned
    166 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Distributed
    38% Participation
  • Middle School Participation:
    34 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Returned
    174 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Distributed
    20% Participation
  • Staff Participation:
    20 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Returned
    60 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Distributed
    33% Participation
  • Overall Participation:
    178 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Returned
    570 Thankfulness Scavenger Hunts Distributed
    31% Participation

Our SHIP goal was 30% participation. We exceeded that goal by 1%. It really was a lofty goal because that is higher participation than we have for our long-standing programs. For the first year, I am really blown away. Kids of all ages really liked that Thankfulness Scavenger Hunt. I look forward to growing the program each year and tweaking it until our entire school takes some time in the month of November to practice thankfulness.”

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