The Science of Well-Being

I highly recommend enrolling in, and participating in, this course. The title drew me in and after seeing the syllabus, I could not wait to dive right in. This easy-to-follow course offers fantastic content that will leave you with an amazing sense of control of your own happiness. The Science of Well-Being starts with the teachings relating to ‘What do we think will make us happy?’, then moves onto ‘Why do we mispredict what makes us happy?’ and finishes with what we can do about it all; ‘How we counteract our annoying features of the mind?’

Taught by a Professor of Psychology at Yale University, this course is very well put together and you cannot help but learn a lot about the science behind happiness. After finishing the course, I have been able to look at and assess my happiness in a more holistic way. I have changed the way I think about what will make me happy, what it takes to be happy and how to get there.

Give it a go and see for yourself.

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