The Technical Assistance Team: A Successful Collaboration

As part of the systems-level work of Healthy Schools Successful Students, RMC Health has facilitated the Technical Assistance (TA) Team. The TA Team includes representatives from RMC Health, Colorado Department of Education, WellTrain, Colorado League of Charter Schools, University of Northern Colorado, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and Center for Rural School Health & Education. RMC Health convenes this group to deliver targeted TA and resources to strengthen the capacity of those working to integrate health and wellness in schools and charters.

This collaboration across organizations has been most successful and resulted in a responsive system for those working with and in schools and charters. The TA Team recently came together to discuss how to address the needs of the field during COVID. By upholding the values of collaboration and partnership, the TA Team collectively strategized ways to provide outreach to wellness coordinators, effectively communicate opportunities for webinars, virtual networking, and resources, as well as share stories from the field related to challenges and successes during the pandemic. Now more than ever, the TA Team is committed to continuing this collaboration and sharing expertise and resources with districts, schools, and charters to improve the health and wellness of our students during such uncertain times.

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