Food Day Curriculum To Use in Schools During October (or anytime)

These lessons are designed to be taught as part of Food Day events in your
community, but they can be used at any time.

Teaching these lessons, we believe, will be a rewarding experience for you and your
students. Your students will be motivated to follow the Food Day Eating Goals
of “Eat Real,” “Mostly Plants,” and “Not Too Much.” Your students will learn how
to navigate through the food environment to find real food. And, you and your
students will work together to become advocates who change the food environment
and make it easier for everyone in your community to follow the Food Day Eating
We encourage you to teach these five lessons during the week of October 24, or
to make them fit into your curriculum sometime around that time. Imagine the
impact we could have if schools across the country taught these lessons at the same

Resource from The Food Day Team, Center for Science in the Public Interest


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