50th Anniversary of the National Senior Nutrition Program in Colorado

Since 1972, the National Senior Nutrition Program has funded local agencies and organizations in Colorado to serve home-delivered and congregate meals that help to ensure older adults have opportunities to stay healthy, independent, and connected.

More than 10 million older Americans face hunger each year. Colorado’s local senior nutrition programs help older adults access healthy foods; nutrition screening, education, and counseling; social opportunities; and other supports that encourage well-being.

The Senior Nutrition Program is an integral part of communities across Colorado – providing sustenance and so much more to our older community members, especially those most vulnerable to chronic health conditions and social isolation.

Senior Nutrition Programs have a positive impact on our State and its older citizens as demonstrated by:
· 95% of participants surveyed rating the nutrition programs as good or excellent
· 89% of participants surveyed rating the meals as good or excellent for how well they meet their health needs
· 78% of participants surveyed reporting that the meals provided are always or usually their main meal of the day

We want to recognize older adults and the people who support them through nutrition services as essential contributors to the strength of our communities.

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