Focusing on Providing Health Ed During Challenging Times

Submitted By: Sarah Coleman | Adams-Arapahoe 28j School District

For the past 3 years, APS has maintained a partnership with the University of Colorado- Anschutz College of Nursing to provide school sites where nursing students can complete a clinical experience for Public Health. From the beginning, we have focused this experience on providing Personal Wellness lessons, for our middle schools. During the COVID-19 remote learning phase, nursing students have switched gears to designing social media message campaigns targeting prioritized standards.

I encouraged them to be creative while maintaining social distancing guidelines, and they also needed to think about their audience while addressing medically accurate, age appropriate, and culturally appropriate messaging. They had to research platforms and learn about algorithms to complete the assignment, along with run through a peer review process. Our next phase is to preview the message with HS students and gather feedback on the project. Enjoy a sample!

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