Love My Tribe! Kids Getting Caught Showing Kindness!

Morris Elementary in Yuma, CO started the Love My Tribe campaign this year. The idea is to catch students in a random act of kindness, something more than just the day-to-day helping. Teachers were given slips of paper with Love My Tribe printed on them to hand out to students who showed a random act of kindness. Students were not aware that teachers were on the lookout for random acts of kindness. When a student was given the Love my Tribe paper they then took it to the school counselor and talked about their act of kindness and how it made them feel. Students were then given a ticket for ice cream at the local Dairy Queen. This is a great way to celebrate students showing kindness naturally without prompting. This is also helping build relationship skills with social engagement and social awareness with empathy for others. What kind of kindness campaign can be started at your school?

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