Southeast Health Group Promotes Mental Health for Local Employers

For the last seven years, Southeast Health Group (SHG) has offered a program called Wellness Solutions to local businesses for a flat enrollment fee. Wellness Solutions provides the employees of participating employers access to free sessions with an SHG therapist. The offer is also available to the immediate family members of the employee.

“We saw a need in the community for employee wellness programs that went beyond what they had in place,” Paul Sedillo, Executive Director of Wellness Works, said. “We have had a lot of success with the program; it’s been a great way to support people who are going through a challenging time and just need someone to talk to and get back on track.”

Sedillo explained that many Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are difficult for employees to access, but with Wellness Solutions, people can stay in their own community. The employees do not have to disclose that they are accessing care to their employer, and SHG only records the number of sessions that have been used, without names, in a quarterly report.

“By making these sessions easily available, convenient, and confidential, we hope to see our community members prioritize their mental health. This year especially, with COVID-19, people are struggling, and we want our community to know we are here to support them through it,” Sedillo said.

Currently, the City of Lamar, the City of La Junta, Kiowa County Hospital District and more are participating in Wellness Solutions. Each company receives a total of eight sessions with the opportunity to purchase more if needed. Employees may attend up to four sessions per family, with the opportunity to enroll in services independently once they are complete.

Companies interested in learning more about Wellness Solutions can contact Sedillo at For more information about how SHG supports our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Jennifer Pollmiller, Communications Director at 719-363-1595 or by email at

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