Multiple Charter Schools Receive $10,000 Donations

The Colorado League of Charter Schools is proud to announce that The Colorado Health Foundation (the Foundation) has designated 17 charter schools around the state to receive $10,000 donations each to support their schools and their students through COVID-19. The gifts are part of the Foundation’s effort to respond to urgent needs emerging from the COVID-19 crisis and to support health of students in districts and schools across Colorado.

The Foundation prioritized schools where students are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Kia Murray, Director of Academic Services at the Colorado League of Charter Schools said, “We appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of charter schools in the Foundation’s generous giving. Charter schools, by the nature of their geographic placement in Colorado, often lack equitable access to needed resources. The Colorado Health Foundation serves as a key partner in helping the League bridge this health equity divide. Their donation is another example of their commitment to supporting students in Colorado.”

Congratulations to:

  • Academy of Advanced Learning, Aurora
  • Aurora Academy Charter School, Aurora
  • Aurora Community School, Aurora
  • Battle Rock Charter School, Cortez
  • Chavez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy, Pueblo
  • Children’s Kiva Montessori School, Cortez
  • Crestone Charter School, Crestone
  • New Legacy Charter School, Aurora
  • Pagosa Peak Open School, Pagosa Springs
  • Paradox Valley Charter School, Paradox
  • Pueblo Charter School for the Arts & Sciences, Pueblo
  • Pueblo School for Arts & Science at Fulton Heights, Pueblo
  • Rocky Mountain Prep – Fletcher Campus, Aurora
  • Southwest Open Charter School, Cortez
  • Vega Collegiate Academy, Aurora
  • Vision Charter Academy, Delta
  • Vista Charter School, Montrose

The Colorado League of Charter Schools has partnered with The Colorado Health Foundation for many years to ensure charter school students across Colorado gain equitable access to the health and wellness resources, funding, and opportunities they need to be healthy.

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