Partnering that Makes a Difference

Submitted By: Heather Owen | The Integrated Nutrition Education Program

The Integrated Nutrition Education Program (INEP) is a creative and fun way for kids to learn about healthy eating and physical activity in their classroom and to share what they learn with their families. Most lessons include hands-on cooking activities that teach students how to prepare and taste fruits and vegetables. At INEP we have strong community partnerships with programs whose mission aligns with educating and changing behaviors around healthy eating for low-income families. In addition, we support the education of aspiring health professionals in the area of community outreach, to help get more dedicated individuals into this work. It is important for our organization to partner with the community to strengthen and deepen our health impact on our families.

Through INEP's partnership with the Healthy Schools PD team we have been able to learn about other organizations with aligned missions to INEP's. One such example was our chance to connect with the organization Action for Healthy Kids. In the Fall, they held a Parents for Healthy Kids Fall Workshop: “School Food: Get Educated, Energized and Engaged. INEP was able to promote this workshop with the families we serve and attend the workshop ourselves, bringing along our interns. Through this partnership created at the PD team meetings we were able to help Action for Healthy Kids promote the workshop, help interested families learn about an important community resource and offer opportunities for our up-and-coming community health workers. This is just one example of how this partnership has benefited INEP and in its new form will continue to do so. Thank you, Healthy Schools PD team!

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